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Jessie Tomyn's word

Passionate by fashion, I started my journey as owner of a street wear and sport brand shop.
However, i wanted to make sure to find an original, bold and innovative idea.
Bring a kind of revolution to the world of fashion.
I hope essentially to send out a strong and engaged message.
I found the world of fashion to make my hopes navigate!
Today, I present to you my project inspired by my values.

VMRED, voice of the voiceless

VMRED is a young and engaged streetwear and fashion brand, appreciated to be an ethically universal brand.
VMRED adopts a street style fashion, created by Jessie TOMYN.
Our collections are mostly inspired by what surrounds us, our daily life which contributes to our human values. Our goal is to recognize our reason for being human.
VMRED is visionary for all trends, social strata, for all classes of citizens of this world.
The logo representing the silent society, a deaf person who transcends and sweeps all the established models.
The notion of VMRED being the silence it aims to exhume, guarantees respect.

It is a catalyst of good conscience, in a fast moving world, where anyone with the right to express an opinion, whether valid for judgment or not, to defend our human values such as Peace, Love, Freedom and Respect

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