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Just Wear and Be Free

presents itself as an evidence

the ethical, lasting and engaged ready to wear brand. For women, men and children, VMRED is for everyone.

It proposes a style combining sport and fashion, as well adapted for day-time as night-time outings.

The VMRED collection offers a sleek, dynamic and engaged silhouette, hanged to the brand’s values preaching love, respect and solidarity.

In that way, VMRED hopes engaging in charitable and humanitarian actions too, in order to create a chain fighting against all discriminations and for the freedom of expression.

« Because fashion remains the best vector of communication.»

But beyond the clothing aspect, VMRED aims to convey immutable values that are Love and Respect, which alone can allow us to live together without distinction.

Because of this values and its style, VMRED is the brand of the mute, destined for all.

VMRED conveys the message to the troubled, confused world and various cultivated worlds, according to which the voiceless now have a voice through the VMRED brand.

VMRED, The voice of the voiceless.

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